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Life can be mundane.
Take a Salsa Class!

Get Out of the House | Make New Friends | Fall in Love with Life

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Are you stuck in a rut?

It’s the same thing day in and day out.
Work → Netflix → Sleep → Repeat  

Looking for more?

Why Salsa Dancing?

Fall in love with life!

How you spend leisure time is a HUGE indicator of happiness. If all your leisure time is spent in front of a screen, you’re not experiencing the kind of joy that’s available to you!

Get out of your house.

Life can often feel like an endless rotation between work and home. Interrupt that cycle by trying something different!


Come to Salsa class!

Make new friends

Making new friends as an adult is hard. The Nashville Salsa community is SO welcoming. Many people have met lifelong friends in salsa class or on the dance floor!

Hey Nashville,

I’m Nicole and I can’t wait to watch your life transform! Countless Nashvillians were living mundane lives before picking up Salsa dancing.

Read this Nashvillian’s story:

“Before I discovered salsa, I only had a few close friends and social interactions outside of work. I knew I needed to get out more, meet people, and make new friends, but I didn’t know the best way to get started. Since learning to dance, I have found there is always something to do if I have a little down-time and want to get out! Almost every night of the week, I can find a nearby class or dance to go to and practice  - or just visit with my friends. I have met SO many friendly and outgoing people since beginning Salsa. Not only is it good exercise, but the social interactions are positive and inspiring. More than anything, I have learned that all I have to do to have a great time is show-up, have a good attitude, and be myself.”

- Six Months Into Salsa Dancing


Are you ready to see this transformation in YOUR life?

See you on the dance floor!

Book Your Spot

Registration closes July 6th at 11:59pm

Break your boring life cycle

Woman with curly red hair, dancing with man.

1. Sign up for Salsa Class

Take the leap. 

You'll be proud that you did,


2. Learn to Salsa dance

I’ll guide you through a curriculum that can transform anyone into a salsa dancer.


3. Go dancing with your new friends

Hit the dance floor with all the new friends you made in class! Dance the night away!

Are you looking for a life you LOVE?

The reality is, life can be mundane. It’s the same thing, day in and day out. This can leave you feeling unmotivated, stuck…maybe even depressed. Nobody should be working hard for a life they don’t love. 

I want to reignite your spark for life! Countless Nashvillians were living mundane lives before picking up salsa dancing. I’ve helped them get out of their houses, foster beautiful friendships and spend time away from the screens we stare at all day long!

It’s time to sign up for salsa class! You’ll make new friends while learning to dance. Then you can hit the dance floor with your new crew! Most people show up solo. Without a partner. Even if you think you have two left feet, I can teach you to dance! 

Taking this tiny step will get you out of your house, foster great friendships and give you time away from your screens. You’ll live a happier life! OR you can continue to stay stuck in a boring routine. You can continue to struggle fostering meaningful friendships. All of your leisure time can be spent watching Netflix. 

I want to witness your transformation. From someone stuck in a mundane daily routine who doesn’t really enjoy life to someone who lives a life filled with JOY! 

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