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Dance Shoes

The one tool for Salsa besides yourself


Some recommendations . . .

First things first, we recommend not wearing sneakers, boots, or shoes with a rubber grip as this makes it difficult to turn. Wear shoes that can easily glide on a wooden floor.

A bunch of mens dance shoes (you can even order custom) and boots for women

Mens, Womens and Unisex

Men and Women’s shoes. Right now my favorite heels for women, they have extra padding under the ball of the foot. I know nothing about their Men’s shoes didn’t even know they had them until I pasted that link.

Men and Women’s shoes. They probably have the most variety of Men’s shoes.

Women’s shoes only but the most variety of indoor/outdoor soles. Meaning you don’t have to change out of your regular shoes into them for dance class (but preferably so you don’t track a bunch of dirt) and also you can wear them for a night out.

Dance sneakers. Use code “bailawithkyla” for 10% off

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