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Our Program

Your Salsa journey road map


Salsa Foundations I

This is where it all begins! Whether you are new to Salsa or coming back for a refresher, Salsa Foundations - Part I is where you will learn your basic steps, turns and traveling steps!

Salsa Foundations II

Alright, you've decided you like this dance thing and want to know more. Salsa Foundations - Part II is where we get you the rest of your basics. Traveling turns, foundational shines and more!


Pattern Variations

This will be the meat and potatoes of your Salsa journey. You'll be here for about 4-6 months! We're going to take everything you learned in SF and turn it up a notch. You'll learn different variations of the Big 6, hand hold changes and new shine combos.

S&P 300

Hey, you. You're a dancer, dancer now! Learn intricate turn patterns and shines, while continuing to master connection, musicality and body styling.

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